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Latex Party Balloons

Latex Party Balloons

Best Party Supplies has a whole rainbow of colours over 70, divided into seven different ranges of party balloons.

  • Standard Colours, solid colour party balloons ideal for Birthdays and Themed Events
  • Jewel Tones, transparent colour party balloons ideal for Themed Events and Anniversaries.
  • Fashion Tones, these party balloons as the name suggests are the colours that are in fashion at the moment, and are ideal for most occasions.
  • Neon tones, these party balloons are great and actual glow in the dark under an ultra-violet light.
  • Pastel Pearls, are great party balloons  for a wedding they are a solid coloured balloon with a pearl finish, hence the name.
  • Radiant Pearls, which includes our Metallic gold and silver, party balloons that are great to add that extra bit of glitz to any occasion, with the pearl finish.

As well as over 70 different colours  of party balloons we also have a range of different sizes and shaped party balloons, from modelling balloons to blossom shaped balloons to doughnut shaped balloons. We have a latex  party balloon to suit any occasion from a wedding to a birthday party to a corporate fun day. All our latex party balloons are supplied un-inflated, and are suitable for inflation with either air of helium were specified. They all have longer softer neck for easy tying.

All our ranges of latex party balloons are manufactured by Qualatex. Using 100% pure natural latex, making each latex party balloon 100% bio-degradable and completely environmentally friendly.